Rolfing® SI is a holistic form of bodywork and its benefits range from pain relief to deeper body awareness. While Rolfing® SI is a systematic approach to restoring general balance to the entire body, symptoms that respond very well to the work are lower back pain, repetitive stress injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome, neck and shoulder pain, chronic stiffness in the body, and joint stress.

In summary, people come to Rolfing® SI for:

  • Personal growth and spiritual path
  • Symptom or pain relief
  • Stress relief and wellness

Personal growth and spiritual path

Body awareness is a large part of one’s self development, and Rolfing® SI is ideally suited to helping people who are on this journey of self-discovery. In our modern society, we have become increasingly thought-oriented, and many people suffer from a body-mind split that leaves them feeling unintegrated, nervous, and unsure of their personal process. Rolfing® SI helps to bring awareness to our body and ground our experiences.

Many people in Yoga and Pilates complement their practice with Rolfing® SI. Rolfing® SI can profoundly enhance their practice by taking out the tightnesses and imbalances that pull the practitioner out of their core, while Rolf Movement® work hones their sense of alignment, their sense of length and two-way stretch in the body, and the body’s relationship to the space around it.

Meditators also benefit from Rolfing® work through a deepening of their body awareness. A heightened body awareness can help the meditator become attuned to more layers of their experience, which helps to bring clarity and integration.

Symptom or pain relief

Rolfing® SI is particularly effective in reducing, relieving, and sometimes, eliminating chronic pain. This is particularly true for lower back pain, as lower back pain frequently occurs as a result of bad posture or inefficient body use. Even if poor posture and body use are not the main cause of lower back pain, they are usually an important contributing factor.

To be upright in gravity with ease means stacking our centers of gravity. The two main centers of gravity are located in the pelvis and the chest. A sedentary lifestyle has led to a decrease of body awareness and many people stand and walk with their lower center of gravity in the pelvis forward. Click here to see an illustration of this posture. Rolfing® SI helps to align the centers of gravity so the lower back can rest. Even when Rolfing® SI does not get rid of the pain altogether, it usually relieves it substantially.

Plantar fasciitis, sprained ankles, and frozen shoulders are other conditions that respond well to Rolfing® SI.

Stress relief and wellness

Many people who come for Rolfing® sessions do not ex#perience chronic pains in their body. They come to seek relief from accumulated stress that they feel in their bodies, which expresses as tightness and soreness in different places.

People who engage in repetitive movements, such as musicians, athletes, and various kinds of technicians come to Rolfing® SI to either get relief or to maintain their well-being.