My Philosophy

It is my belief that the true agent of healing is awareness itself. Awareness not on a cognitive or intellectual level, but as a felt experience that is whole, coherent and non-dualistic. This awareness can be experienced as a kind of inner knowing, deep and direct, and is sometimes referred to as an embodied awareness or awareness at the level of the mind-body. The journey of healing itself is the journey to deepening one’s awareness.

Cultivating awareness on the level of the mind-body begins with the cultivation of mindfulness and presence. Rolfing® Structural Integration is an excellent opportunity to learn to become more present in our bodies and increase our body awareness. We first become aware of our patterns of movement and how they contribute to the way we experience our bodies, including how our postures and movements are directly related to our many chronic discomforts and pains. Then we become aware of our more subtle ways of being in our bodies, of how we unconsciously hold stress in different parts of ourselves. Finally, we have the chance to make connections between how we feel in our bodies, how we move, and how these are an expression of our life experiences. It is in this place of understanding that we can make life choices for ourselves in an empowered and peaceful way.

My Rolfing® work expresses my beliefs and I see my role as a facilitator to my clients’ cultivation of self awareness, as I continue to learn about myself and about life through my interaction and engagement with them.